Rio Texas Conference 2021 Scholarship Recipients

2021 Rio Texas Scholarship Recipients

In 2021, four students were selected to receive the Albert and Nancy Wilson scholarship fund in the amounts of $500. Congratulations to the following students:

Josue Cruz - La Trinidad UMC, San Antonio, TX

Genevieve Rose Cass - Pawnee UMC - Pawnee, TX

Camryn Bemean Hale - First UMC - Harlingen, TX

Isauro Sanchez - Emanuel UMC - San Antonio, TX 

None of the students that applied for this years nominations awards program qualified to receive the Craven Wilson scholarship in 2021. This scholarship is only available to students enrolled at Texas Wesleyan University. Both scholarships have been available for several years through an endowment that was established by the Wilson family for college students who are members of United Methodist churches within the Rio Texas Conference bounds.