Rio Texas Conference 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the Albert and Nancy Wilson Award, the Wilson Craven Award and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry Merit Award! 

There were several excellent and outstanding candidates. The decision to selecting the students was not easily made and was limited based on the annual scholarship funds available.  

The Río Texas Annual Conference Scholarship Committee Team assembled by the Board of Higher Education and Ministry, Co-Coordinators, Rev. Wes Cain and Rev. Elizabeth Wright awarded 9 students for the scholarships from the Wilson Nancy Scholarship Awards (8), the Craven Wilson Scholarship Award (1). 

The following students were awarded with the Albert & Nancy Wilson Scholarship: 

  1. Anaylssa Rita Cavazos, La Santisíma Trinidad, Weslaco TX
  2. Aiden Jake Llanas Garrett, Spring Creek UMC, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 
  3. Cassidy N. Rush, First UMC, Portland, TX
  4. Ethan Allen Surdy, Manor UMC, Manor, TX 
  5. Grace Ann San Juan, Bethel UMC, San Antonio, TX 
  6. Kiley Wariner Allen, First UMC, Gonzales, TX 
  7. Shelby Lyn Gaines, Windcrest UMC, San Antonio, TX 
  8. William A. Rivera Ayala, La Trinidad UMC, San Antonio, TX 

  The one student received the Craven Wilson Scholarship Award exclusively for Texas Wesleyan University: 

  1. Javier Fausto Careaga,  El Buen Samaritano, Harlingen, TX 

Note:  The next opportunity for applying for the 2021 Scholarship Nominations Awards will begin the first week of January 2021 and end on April 1, of 2021. Information and details will be made available in the beginning of the year.