Leadership Development

The Rio Texas Conference is a diverse gathering of people from all walks of life who are either new to the church or have been connected to history of the newly unified Conference for many generations. From among the great congregations of the Conference, effective and gifted leaders have emerged through disciplined lives of spiritual growth and discipleship to become special instruments of the Holy Spirit to help provide vital leadership necessary to help build and establish the glorious prospects of the Rio Texas Conference as we know it today. The devotion and giftedness of the leadership provided by the laity continues into the new emphasis of the Rio Texas Conference which is reach into the mission field to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the world. The leaders of the Rio Texas Conference have now accepted the call to reach out into the mission field and to share the love of Jesus Christ to those who are not yet among us. 

Leadership vitality serves to build capacity at the District level to equip and support leaders among the laity to partner with clergy to lead the local churches into the mission field. Leadership vitality occurs as collaboration occurs between District Mission Strategy Teams and the Developing Leaders Visioning Team in order to develop strategies to support leaders at being more effective at leading their congregations into the mission field. Existing ministries and new initiatives will be conceived that will equip laity in their efforts to reach their mission fields in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the world.