Harvest Sunday

Harvest Sunday Special Offering

Food insecurity for newly unemployed families, displaced families without secure housing, seniors, single adults, and children has risen throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Disruption in services of the National School Lunch Program, food
assistance networks, and food supply chains has been, and continues to be, extraordinarily challenging.  

1/7 Texans are currently experiencing food insecurity in 2021.

11% of the world’s population is undernourished.
Harvest Sunday was started as a response to hunger. It is a once-a-year giving opportunity at Rio Texas churches for hunger alleviation programs. Harvest Sunday 2021 is November 7.  However, participation may occur at any time (or any Sunday) throughout the months of November and December. Offerings should be sent directly to the local church through online giving or check. Designate your gift as "Harvest Sunday."

Rio Texas congregations will be invited to participate by offering their collective giving from Harvest Sunday to one of three Rio Texas ministries: 

  • 1/3 of proceeds shall be allocated for hunger initiative projects along the Texas-Mexico border areas that are situated, and served within the El Valle, Hill Country, Las Misiones, and West Districts. 

  • 1/3 of proceeds shall be returned to participating districts. Funds shall be distributed, in consultation with district mission committees, and the District Superintendent, focusing on projects that seek ministry With, and addressing root causes of food insecurity. 

If you are interested in promoting Harvest Sunday in your District and can share stories, pictures/videos of your local ministries and how you have risen to the challenges this year, please reach out to our Harvest Sunday Coordinator, Diana T. Woods, BSW, MPA