UM Army Partners with Texas Ramps Project

um army texas ramps project aug 2021.jpg

U.M. ARMY and the Texas Ramps Project are pleased to announce their successful partnership from this summer’s mission season. Together, they were able to complete 34 wheelchair ramps for community members in: San Antonio, Brownsville, Orange, Bryan, Jacksonville, Shermann, Denton and Bonham.  Volunteers pictured below are constructing one of the wheelchair ramps in San Antonio during July.

This partnership combines funding from both U.M. ARMY and the Texas Ramps Project for building materials and then U.M. ARMY teams of student and adult volunteers building the ramps and connecting with the families who are needing the help.  

U.M. ARMY mission weeks took place during the months of June and July with volunteers serving many communities throughout Texas, Louisiana, Florida and the Northeast Region of the USA. U.M. ARMY provides Christ centered missions that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth and young adults.  

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