Clergy Wellness

Clergy Wellness Plan 2020

Guide to Incentives

The purpose of the Rio Texas Conference Clergy Wellness Program is to offer opportunities for clergy to improve their health in a holistic way, to support them in serving as strong leaders for our congregations and ministries. We are very grateful for the generous support of Methodist Healthcare Ministries toward this end.

The incentives offered for 2020 are intended to be a flexible system that will support the creation of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness programs that will work best for each individual. Note that there are 2 types of wellness incentives. The Rio Texas Incentives are available to all active clergy, their spouses, and conference staff. HealthFlex incentives are available to participants in the Rio Texas Conference Health Insurance plan.

If you have questions about incentives or reporting, please contact Eve Albert,

Wellness Conversations during COVID-19

Need emotional help during COVID-19? Meet with a counselor from the comfort of your home. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please call one of the centers listed below or go online by clicking on the link provided.

The Ecumenical Center - The Ecumenical Center and is offering tele-counseling and phone sessions during this difficult time of COVID-19.  These sessions are being offered to all (not just clergy and spouses) at no out-of-pocket cost at this time.  All costs will be covered by special grants by the Ecumenical Center and the Rio Texas wellness program for clergy/clergy spouses/Conference staff. To schedule your appointment please visit or call any of the following numbers: 210.616.0885 (San Antonio), 361.561.8621 (Corpus Christi) or 830.496.1143 (La Vernia).

The West Texas Counseling & Guidance Center - The West Texas Counseling & Guidance Center is offering tele-counseling services. Ben Hubert, LPC is available for wellness conversations to clergy and their spouses. To schedule an appointment call 325.944.2561 or visit: 

Reporting Form Links: 

Physical Wellness Reporting Form

Spiritual Wellness Reporting Form

Emotional Wellness Reporting Form


Physical - HealthFlex Incentives

Activity: Wellness Points on HealthFlex/WebMD Website

Information: January 1 - December 31, 2020
HealthFlex Incentive: Up to 150 Wellness Points = $150 PulseCash


Activity: Blueprint for Wellness Screening

Information: January 1 – July 31, 2020
Blood test and biometric screening, completed during annual conference or at a lab appointment scheduled locally.
HealthFlex Incentive: $100 PulseCash; see Wespath brochure.
Link: Sign in at and click Quest Diagnostics Blueprint for Wellness to schedule.

Activity: Health Quotient Online Health Assessment

Information: January 1 - July 31, 2020
HealthFlex Incentive: Reduced health insurance deductible ($250 individual/$500 family); see Wespath brochure.
Link: Sign in at and click Health Quotient during the assessment period.

Activity: Virgin Pulse Rewards

Information: January 1 - December 31, 2020 Enroll at, then track your progress on your computer at the website or on your phone via the downloaded app. Virgin Pulse syncs with step and various activity trackers.
HealthFlex Incentive:  Up to $160 PulseCash; see Wespath brochure.
Link: To enroll, sign in at and click Join Virgin Pulse. 

Activity: Diabetes Prevention Program

Information: Two ways to participate: Online or in-person in your local community For HealthFlex participants at risk to develop type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Length of Program: Year 1 - 16 weekly sessions and ongoing support. Year 2 - maintenance. Eligible HealthFlex participants receive a free wireless weight scale linked to your account. Click on links for more information: Visit : to see if you are eligible to participate.

Physical - Rio Texas Incentives: $400 maximum

Activity:  Weight Loss Program

Information: Determine your starting Body Mass Index (BMI; any Wesley Nurse or other health professional can assist you). Earn $50 for each BMI point lost from the original BMI, up to 8 points or $400.

Rio Texas Incentive: $50 per BMI point lost; $400 maximum Starts: January 1, Ends: December 15, 2020
Link: Physical Wellness Reporting Form

Activity: Physical Wellness Support

Information: Submit receipts of up to $125 for the purchase of items, memberships, or other costs associated with your physical wellness. Report change in activity level or fitness that resulted from the expense.

Rio Texas Incentive:  Up to $125 (paid as reimbursement) Starts: January 1, Ends: December 15, 2020
Link: Physical Wellness Reporting Form

Mental/Emotional - Rio Texas Incentive: $50 maximum

Activity: Wellness conversation

Fulfillment options:

a) Conversation with a counselor of your choice, at your cost (insurance coverage is based on selection of health plan chosen).

b) Schedule a conversation with a counselor through EAP (Employee Assistance Program) / 800.788.5614 or An initial number of sessions are free through EAP, with the option of continuing sessions with a low co-pay.

c) Schedule a conversation with a counselor at one of the MHM partner agencies. Once you identify your-self as a participant in the Rio Texas Clergy Wellness Program, the cost of this conversation will be covered by MHM funds.

  • The Ecumenical Center / 210.616.0885 - Serving San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding areas.

  • West Texas Counseling and Guidance / 325.944.2561 - Serving San Angelo and surrounding areas.

  • The Samaritan Center / 512.451.7337 - Serving Austin and surrounding areas.

Rio Texas Incentive: $50
Link: Emotional Wellness Reporting Form

Spiritual - Rio Texas Incentive: $150 total maximum

Activity: Five-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation


February 3-8, 2020
Oblate Renewal Center, San Antonio

The Five-Day Academy is a time of worship, study, prayer and solitude, deepening the spiritual walk. More information is available at You can download the brochure and registration form for the San Antonio event from the website as well. Or contact the registrar, Fritzi Simon at or the director, Rev. Donna Strieb, for information on the next available academy.

Rio Texas Incentive: $150
Link: Spiritual Wellness Reporting Form

Activity: Spiritual director visit

Information: Set time for intentional spiritual reflection and accountability.  See the list of available directors provided by the clergy orders. Report the name of your spiritual director and the date of visit(s).

Rio Texas Incentive: $50 per visit, maximum $150 total.

Activity:  Personal, group, or couples retreat

Information: Schedule a retreat day for yourself or your group, or use the services of a spiritual director.  Submit related expenses.

Rio Texas Incentive: $150 maximum
Link: Spiritual Wellness Reporting Form

Click here for reporting form.