Greetings from the Board of Ordained Ministry

As Chair of the Board, I wish to extend our prayerful thanks for your inquiry into ministry within The United Methodist Church.  We at the Board want the process to be clear, yet defining for your call to ministry.  With that in mind, the Rio Texas Conference stresses that your inquiry into living out your call in The United Methodist Church begins with your local church pastor.   If you have not shared your call to ministry with your pastor, please do so and allow them to begin this discernment process with you.  

The Rio Texas Conference is looking for missional leaders to engage the mission field of south Texas.  The qualities we are looking for from those we deploy in ministry are:

1.  Ethnic and Cultural Proficiency
2.  A heart for evangelism
3.  Faith in the calling of God
4.  Ability to develop and equip other missional leaders
5.  Catalytic Capacity

In addition we are looking for people who have leadership ability, the capacity to vision and cast that vision, and the perseverance to thrive in ministry.   

We want you to know the people to call or to e-mail concerning your inquiries into the life of the ordained minister.  We are here to help you in your discernment; you can ask questions, share your story, or just gather information which will help clarify your call to ministry.

We rejoice with you that God is doing something in your life and we pray that God would continue to give you understanding in how this calling is to be lived out in service to the church.  

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Adam Knight, Chair
Rio Texas Conference Board of Ordained Ministry